Frozen Condoms Can Do Wonders To Your Battered Postpartum Vagina

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Listen up; this is for all the expectant mothers out there unless you end up having a C-section, your lady bits will eventually have to expel another small human – Well I am no soothsayer, but that’s a given.

However, what you may not see coming, especially if this is your first birth is the severity of the pain and swelling that can occur “down there” that can last for days – sometimes weeks – after your baby finally makes that 9-month long-awaited entrance.
Well, it's not all doom and gloom, I want to introduce you to a simple trick that can help your battered postpartum vagina: Frozen Condoms

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I know at this point you are really checking to see if you read that right. Believe me; I am more serious than you were when you first wondered how you could expel something that big. However, these condoms are not for any sex-related activity; trust me you don’t even want to go there at this stage. Instead, I mean frozen condoms that will act as an ice-pack for you and ease the swelling and pain in that “bruised region.” All you have to do is pop one condom open, fill it with water and allow it sit in the freezer till it freezes. (Just so there are no misconceptions, frozen condoms are perfect to place just in between your thighs. You should not even think or attempt to shove them inside – at least not for now!)
Some moms have been using this trick for quite a while now, and quite a number of them can attest to its effectiveness.

What MamaDoctors say: “Fill up condoms with water carefully like balloons, tie the open and lay them flat in your freezer compartment…..then just wait! Once you’ve delivered, your coochie will be super sore, especially if you tear. Get some panty liners, cut them on one end, and gently slide in the frozen condom filled with water. Wear the panty liner with the frozen condom until it melts, and repeat as many times as necessary. You will be thankful for this little trick!”

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If you feel like you do not cherish the synthetic feel of frozen condoms, then do to worry. You can also shuffle between other remedies for your sore vaginas such as making homemade “padsicles” – by freezing new-born diapers or pads overnight. These alternatives will be especially helpful if you want a quick relief without all the preparation. Just put the diapers or pads in the freezer for a couple of hours and you’re done!

To all ye expectant mothers, you actually need all the help you can get at this stage.

While moms who have experienced the childbirth process before will have a fairly good idea of what it feels like, first-time mothers will likely be unsure of what to expect. Get a little support and help and push through when it’s time – You can do it! Hopefully, frozen condoms, diapers or hazel wipes will offer your postpartum Vagina the much-needed relief and comfort it needs later on.

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Written by Daniel Suciu

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