When your husband takes forever to get back from work

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My husband roughly gets back from work before 6:00 every day. However I am not always that patient, and since he uses the bus most times, I have the liberty to text him endlessly during his commute.

Below is a typical text exchange between him and me.

Me: It’s almost 5:30, where are you?
Him: Honey, I am roughly still 30 mins away
Me: What?? I can’t do that!
Him: I will be home before you know it
Me: Why does it seem like you left months ago! Long wait.
Him: Almost there, Love you.

At this point, I know whatever I text back to my hardworking husband might spell disaster so as this stage I am quick to refrain from texting back as I might type something in caps like “I HATE YOU.”

In reality, I do not even close to hate him. The wait for him every evening drives me nuts. It’s almost like I have been left stranded on a planet and he is the only person I can reach out to, so I long for his arrival like rain in the desert. Needless to add, at this stage I am pretty getting exhausted as I have been going back and forth with my daughter as to why I prefer the Lion King over Frozen. At this stage, I could do with a real adult help on just about anything.

The truth is, any parent that has to actually stay with kids all day will most likely begin to feel maxed out by afternoon; because every hour seems infinitely longer than the previous one. Before it’s even 5 o’clock you’ve lost your patience 3 times and you have sworn to lock both your daughters in the bathroom as one has found a way yet again to pee all over the kitchen floor for the third time and the older one is ravaging your makeup bag in a bid to look like the Disney princess.

By now you must have prepared dinner for your kids, cleaned the ridiculous makeup from their face for the third time that day and have them thoroughly bathed and dressed in their pajamas. And this is when you assume the post of the security guard as you turn all your attention to a honk or footstep or knock on the door – something just to let you know you’re not alone in this world and your husband will show up on time as agreed.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, he calls you up and says he is stuck in traffic or he has an impromptu meeting with an old friend, and you sit there in amazement?! I thought we were meant to be best pals till the end.

At this point you have to check back with the kids, they seem to be getting on nicely with their dinner, but your younger daughter has made a mess of her pajamas again and then it occurs to you that you never really had her bib on to begin with.


Just when you think you’ve been forgotten and left behind on a space mission to Mars, somewhere around 6:50 and 6:54 you hear your husband say Hello to your neighbor, and you can hear his footsteps approaching the door – by far the most comforting sound you have heard all day. Finally, he opens the door, and you somehow hope he doesn’t see through your panic and anxiety. You breathe a sigh of relief and hug him tight. He doesn’t smell as good as you’d like, but at this point, this is the least of your worries.

You have another 11 hours to cherish his presence… before it’s wild west again.

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Written by MamaDoctors