7 Ways to Tap Into That Elusive Fountain of Youth

Top trends that are guaranteed to help keep you as young and healthy as possible

tips on how to maintain your youth
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There has always been an almost impossible race towards finding a way to maintain our youth. This is especially true when it comes to 2018 Health and Wellness trend predictions by experts within the industry.

I have always had “delusions of grandeur” when it comes to the magical “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH”! Somehow in my mind’s eye, I have always pictured some crystal clear pool of sparkling water hidden in a mystical cave; which naturally I have the sole privilege of finding……….definitely delusional!!!

But here are the top trends that are guaranteed to help keep you as young and healthy as possible:


Technology-free Zones – Or Going “Analog”

keep yourself young and healthy
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There has been a growing trend for holiday destinations that are “IT” free! That’s right! No technology at all……..WHAT?!!!…….YUP! People are actually looking for holidays where they can go completely off-grid and just be forced (willingly by the sounds of it) to disconnect from the online world.

The benefits, of course, are actually quite logical.

  • A marked decrease in stress.
  • An increase in Melatonin levels due to the lower stress levels and ability to be one with nature.
  • Increased oxygen flow throughout one's entire body; unavoidable when surrounded by nature.
  • A reconnection with family and friends; focussed attention.

In fact, several hotels brag about being wi-fi free and numerous smoothie and wellness bars are banning cellphones from their premises. With mottos such as “disconnect to reconnect” it makes perfect sense to heed our natural instincts and limit our exposure to technology.


Fermented Tea Drink To Rule 2018

kombucha tea for gut health
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Known simply as KOMBUCHA which sounds almost like a huge hug and combined Italian kiss; this fizzy gut cleansing “booch” has gained momentum and now boasts sales of $600 million plus per annum!

Besides the growing popularity of what exactly is Kombucha and what does it offer?

  • Basically, it has probiotic properties; which simply means it is good for your gut.
  • With a large conglomerate such as PepsiCo purchasing Kevita; one will soon be able to buy probiotics directly out of your local grocery store’s fridges.
  • Brewers are ever inventing the flavors which have grown to include chicory and vanilla coffee as well as blackberries; blueberries; hibiscus and ginger.
  • The health benefits of probiotics are well known and now we will have a product that is as readily available as your favorite soda pop; only much healthier!


Alternative Yogurt

alternative yogurt for lactose intolerant
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Nut-milk yogurt is becoming a fast favorite amongst lactose intolerant consumers.
Who knew that yogurt would be able to take such a surprising turn?! It may have been a long time to come, but finally, there is an alternative for those who simply cannot say no to eating yogurt, however, pay the ultimate price due to being lactose intolerant!

The added benefit for vegans and those with severe milk allergies are endless:

  • Naturally, nuts especially almonds hold numerous health benefits.
  • Vegans can now also enjoy a much tastier version of yogurt compared to the usual bean curd variety.
  • Similarly, the cashew-gurt version is equally popular as a quick-sip alternative.


Smart Cosmetics And Skin Care

natural and smart skin care
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From healthy eating to healthy skin. ALL NATURAL has been on the rise for a few years but not skin care has gone one step further…….it has become “Smart”. Not in the sense that you can have a conversation with it; however, it certainly is designed to have a very healthy relationship with your skin.

The focus has shifted from simply defying age to including fighting our modern tech world’s side effects. Harsh UV’s has always been a focus but now has gone on to include free radicals released from our technology encrusted world.

Naturally, the benefits are much the same:

  • Reduced aging due to our environments.
  • Increased building up of skins own defenses by using ingredients such as ceramides; lipids; adaptogens and even live bacteria.
  • Glowing complections; reduced risk of skin disease.
  • Higher self-esteem due to lowering of imperfections.

With a world that at times seems to rather judge a book by its cover; skin care and advanced skin health is a priority for most human beings; both male and female alike.


Self Care

make some me time a daily routine
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“Me Time” has actually become an important part of our everyday lives. Gone are the days where self-indulgence was frowned upon; now it is seen as an essential part of our daily routine.

Health professionals have proven through studies that those luxurious longer bathroom routines play a large role in enhancing our overall health. Forget an apple a day! But self-care is not simply about a beauty routine; things such as having a set time for eating healthy meals and going to bed all form part of one’s daily healthy self-care routine.

The benefits may be quite logical but not always considered:

  • Taking the time to prepare and eat healthy meals naturally boosts your metabolism and in turn, increases your energy and brain functioning.
  • Having set routines lowers one’s stress levels and enables your body to function in a much more synchronized way.
  • Lowered health issues (usually stress related ones) become evident.
  • Health professionals also saw a marked decrease in symptoms for patients with mental instabilities by simply giving them a “self-indulgent” healthy routine.

So next time you feel guilty for taking a long relaxing bubble bath or spend a little extra on that healthier meal option; remember that your body NEEDED IT!


Home Decor Revamp

home decor for a less stressful environment
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There have been a lot of fads where people have aimed to make their home more feng shui or more relaxing. These trends have been the bane of many peoples existence, with the added pressure of having the correct blends of light and harmony actually adding more stress!

The latest trend, however, is much less stressful and more cost effective for those on a tight budget. Home decor such as different types of pottery dishes to burn palo santo; crystal pieces such as coasters and bookends; as well as Himalayan salt lamps and aromatherapy diffusers are all finding their space in our homes.

Each brings its own benefits but in all the main aim is to:

  • Create a sensorial peace and harmony in our homes.
  • Create a calming aura through the burning of aroma oils.
  • Various aroma oils have different effects; some are calming while others work to energize and uplift.
  • The bonus is that these pieces can easily fit into our existing decor and still have the desired effect.

I love the idea of having a home that surprises me with a wisp of aromatherapy when I least expect it. So open up those windows and let a gentle breeze carry your “calm” through your home.


And Finally The True Fountain Of Youth Moment!

the secret of living longer
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It would seem that there are those who have actually made peace with wrinkles and other telltale signs of aging, but are rather focused on LONGEVITY! Yes, it seems that there is a growing movement towards actually living longer……I must admit that I am not 100% convinced that this is a good idea; but “C'est La Vie!”

So what is this new secret to living longer – Telomeres! These are the tiny compounds found on the ends of your DNA strands and by altering them or elongating them one can actually slow down the aging process. Innovative researcher and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn. PhD. in biology together with psychiatrist and author Elissa Epel. Ph.D. has opened the book (so to speak) on this groundbreaking discovery.

There is one benefit and one benefit only – A LONGER LIFE!

While the trends for 2018 are vast in range and some border on the obscure; the main focus seems to be on getting back to natural solutions. Whereas previous trends focused more on pill popping options; the future seems set on getting our bodies back to doing what they were originally designed to do. In essence, health and wellness have come full circle with nature being at the heart of every forward-thinking researcher's mind.

tips on how to maintain your youth
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Written by Angelina Angileri

As a single mom of four incredible children, Angie always says that she has a PHD in “Surviving Life”. Having worked in both the health and financial industry, she eventually found that writing not only “feeds every fiber of her soul” but also hopes that sharing her story and “mamy” skills will inspire other mommies out there.