Postnatal Depression – How Relaxation Techniques Can Improve Your Mood

Relaxation Techniques Can Improve Your Mood
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So you're sat down wondering what the hell just happened. One minute you’re a social goddess, dancing clubbing and having loads of fun and the next minute you are sat on your own with a brand new baby to look after and wondering how you're going to do this?

You feel so low in mood you don’t know if you're going to get the housework done or the list of social events that are coming up. How life has changed in what seems to be the blink of an eye. It feels scary and lonely and there is so much to learn and it all feels stressful and overwhelming especially with the third night of having no sleep at all.

I hear you! I know how hard it is and I wish I had someone to talk to about this at the time and relate to. This is why I’ve devised this list of relaxation techniques for you to try and feel some of the stress literally float away.

It's so important that we take some time out from our busy and exhausting lifestyle to recharge our batteries and unwind. The National Institute of Mental Health states that long-term stress can cause problems with your immune system, reproductive system, digestive system and sleep pattern.

They also state that postpartum depression affects more than 15% of births and that if left untreated, Postpartum depression can affect the babies health and behavior as they grow. So it’s vital that you listen to your body and take time out when you need to as part of your recovery.

So what do we need to do to help us relax?


Walking around the park with your baby is one of the most relaxing ways to relieve stress and lift your mood. The hard part is motivating yourself to do it but as soon as you’ve managed to overcome that obstacle you will definitely feel so glad that you did it. It lifts your mood so much that you can then carry out other activities throughout the day.


swimming walking gardening are great for relaxation
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A gentle swim in the water is like magic! One minute your feeling so low and irritable and the next your stress-free and feeling great! The exercise releases feel-good endorphins which increase the dopamine levels in the brain. This makes us feel much happier.

If you can’t swim then floating in the water can be a great relaxation too.

Sauna / steam room / jacuzzi

Utilizing these fabulous spa facilities on a regular basis will help you to feel relaxed. If you can join a gym with these facilities you will benefit financially rather than paying for the gym and also the spa separately. Also, there are some great deals on discount websites for spa days.


There is evidence to suggest that gardening is very therapeutic and you will feel relaxed in no time. Being in the great outdoors, feeling and looking at the beautiful plants and flowers is uplifting and peaceful.

Gardening is a great source of physical exercise and you can have a great workout without even realizing it. This is important to note at the beginning, so don’t overdo it as you will feel it the day after!

I’ve seen many people transform their mood by gardening and it’s lovely to see how they progress in their recovery as they watch thief garden grow and they feel the sense of achievement.


write and meditate to clear your mind
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This is a chance to let out your inner thoughts and feelings without anyone else needing to know. A journal is a great tool for anyone especially those in need of an outlet to unwind.

Writing is great for stimulating the mind and can help those brain cells recharge and challenge them to work more effectively especially with creative writing.

Arts and crafts

This is a great hobby that you can leave and come back to over and over which is great when you have a baby that needs looking after as well as yourself. You can create a project you would like to do from upcycling furniture to make your own cards.


This is the ultimate way to reach high levels of relaxation. It’s perfect for you if you can’t leave the house as you can practice this anywhere.

You can find lots of guided meditation videos online to get you started and then you will be able to meditate at home with your baby.

Your Hobby

Want to feel like you again? Then you need to try and get back into your hobbies- the thugs you enjoy doing and you will notice such a difference in yourself. This may even contribute a large part to your recovery. It’s hard once you’ve got a baby to fit in your old routines and activities but you need to compromise and share a little bit of the parenting responsibility to allow yourself a little freedom and a little bit of time to feel like you again.

Relaxation Techniques Can Improve Your Mood
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Written by Joanne Etchells

Mummy to three gorgeous children, Joanne is a Writer and Registered Mental Health Nurse with nine years experience. She works with a variety of complex mental health conditions and has developed a vast knowledge along the way. Writing allows her to connect with and help other mums, sharing precious experiences and advice.