At Last! How to Actually Apply Sunscreen On Your Squirming Baby

How to Actually Apply Sunscreen On Your Squirming Baby
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Everyone oohs and aahs over your baby’s cute beach photos, but they don’t know the work it took to get that perfect photo!

First, you had to bathe the baby, after which your drenched clothes made even your baby giggle; then, you had to wrestle your little one into his clothes.

Applying sunscreen is simply another tale that must be told on its own.

Very young babies should never be exposed to direct sunlight, which is why sunscreen is advised for after babies are six months and older.

Unfortunately, your baby doesn’t quite understand just how important wearing sunscreen is, so forgive her if she isn’t quite cooperative when you try to apply sun cream on her.

Have fun applying sunscreen on your baby!

    • Place your baby on a flat surface. Placing her on a changing table or on the bed is fine.
    • Your baby will probably try to scamper away at this point, so hold her still with one hand as you try to squirt out some sunscreen into another hand. It’s an awkward pose to hold, but nothing new to mums.
    • If you have a very active baby, you’ll probably need a good distraction that will keep her still enough for a few minutes for you to thoroughly apply the sunscreen. Giving her a toy will engage her hands, (and maybe her entire body!) and prevent a more effective application, so dig out the heavy ammunition! More than a few moms will admit to putting on the TV or propping up the iPad so the baby can watch her favorite song, so you’re not alone mums!
    • You can proceed to slather the sunscreen all over your little one (even as you keep an eye peeled for those chubby hands stretching towards the iPad). 
    • When you’re done and if your baby is still distracted enough, go on and trim her nails. Seize the opportunity! She probably won’t stay still enough for you to complete the nail trim, but it’s nothing to fret over because even though you’ve got sunscreen on your clothes and hair, you accomplished your mission!

tips on how to apply sunscreen on your baby
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Note that it’s best to apply a chemical-free sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or more, with broad screen spectrum for UVA/UVB.

In any case, make sure you master the skill, because you will have to re-apply sunscreen over and over during the day – at least every 2-3 hours, or each time they bathe- whichever comes first.

Enjoy…..and GOOD LUCK!

How to Actually Apply Sunscreen On Your Squirming Baby
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Written by MamaDoctors