These 5 Facts Could Explain Why Your Baby Wants To Breastfeed All The Time

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Image: instagram/ivetteivens. Ivette Ivens is a talented photographer raising awareness against the stigma related to breastfeeding

Your little one might be in pain.

Just as the nucleotides in breast milk help babies nod off, its calming and relaxing properties also help them get relief from pain. You must have noticed how babies ask to be breastfed after getting a shot at the hospital or even while teething right?

You might find that your baby is asking to be fed more often when he has a diaper rash or an ache around his body. He will articulate his need to be soothed in the only way he can – by asking to be fed.

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Written by Daniel Suciu

Passionate about photography, web development, ardent tech lover and avid consumer of science documentaries.