These 5 Facts Could Explain Why Your Baby Wants To Breastfeed All The Time

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Image: instagram/ivetteivens. Ivette Ivens is a talented photographer raising awareness against the stigma related to breastfeeding

She might just be tired

You might be surprised to know that your milk has super special powers! In fact, it is filled with powerful ingredients that go beyond “simple” nutrients; some of these special components are called nucleotides. Nucleotides help relax and calm your baby, making it easier for her to fall asleep when she’s feeling cranky just before bedtime.

Your baby will often find it hard to put herself to sleep, but some breastfeeding and some skin to skin cuddle time will take her straight to baby dreamland!
This is one of the most common reasons your little one will ask to be nursed especially just before bedtime.

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Written by Daniel Suciu

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