These 5 Facts Could Explain Why Your Baby Wants To Breastfeed All The Time

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Most first time moms are new to breastfeeding and they usually have the same questions and concerns about the process of breastfeeding.

Moms are not familiar with the frequency in which their babies will demand to be breastfed, resulting in some confusion and anxiety when faced with the actual reality of having to breastfeed practically all day, at least in the very first few weeks, and with barely any time to take care of themselves.

It would be hard for moms to explain that sigh of frustration they release when the baby happens to cry for yet another feed at that critical moment they were about to quietly tiptoe to pee, go for a shower or even grab a cup of tea!

This explains why breastfeeding moms might look so tired, but hang in there moms! It does get better 🙂 Aside from actual hunger, there could be any number of reasons why your little one is asking for another breastfeed.

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Written by Daniel Suciu

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