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A Note from Dr. Linnea Passaler, Founder and Chief MamaDoctor

Welcome to MamaDoctors!

I’m Linnea Passaler, and I’m a surgeon and mom of four children (including twins) all currently under the age of six. I'm the founder of this blog, Mama Doctors, and Heal Your Nervous System, a scientifically-based program I created in 2020 to help women heal and lead a more fulfilling, joyful life.

You might think that extensive medical training and 15 years in clinical practice would prepare you for anything you might face in your motherhood journey, but in my experience, that was not the case.

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As I was recovering from a very difficult pregnancy and a second C-section in under two years, I found myself exclusively breastfeeding two newborns and taking care of a full-blown sleep regression in my 18-month-old toddler- and I literally thought, “there’s no way I’m going to make it.

And I did make it… but not on my own.

I found enormous empathy, intelligent insight, and unwavering support in online communities, which helped me calm my anxiety on a daily basis.

As a scientist, I also scoured the internet for evidence-based information to help me make informed choices about my family’s and my own health and wellness. With a seemingly endless amount of commentary trying to characterize the “type” of moms there are – at-home, working, crunchy, silky, scrunchy, to name a few – I found there was no one online resource that brought balance, clarity, and transparency to the spectrum of decisions we as moms make on a daily basis.

I’ve long held the belief that healthy virtual spaces where people can share their honest thoughts, feelings, questions, and concerns and get help from knowledgeable, trustworthy sources change lives for the better.

It was from this desire as both a scientist and a mother that I conceived and birthed MamaDoctors. Our goal is to provide a combo platter of unbiased, fact-based information and a caring, experienced, and authentic community dedicated to providing truly helpful support from free articles to resources, courses, and parenting tools.

My interest in combining cutting-edge science, modern psychology, and ancient wisdom led me to help women around the world heal, so they can heal our human society and our relationship with Mother Earth. That's why I went on to found Heal Your Nervous System, where I am able to focus on the two things that bring me the deepest delight: spending quality time with my young family and helping other women heal their nervous system. I know that if enough women can create a better, healthier nervous system, it will create a ripple effect that will transform their families, their communities, and our society.

dr. Linnea Passaler surgeon, mom, entrepreneur
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Chief MamaDoctor Linnea Passaler, operating on all levels….
Three children under three mom
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The mission of MamaDoctors is to help make families healthier and mothers happier by cutting the cord of misinformation that feeds the confusion and frustration of online parenting advice. As the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of your family, you’re tasked with making multiple choices every single day that affect the health and well-being of your family. Research shows that 94% of moms make decisions for themselves and for others. We provide women with high-quality, evidence-based guidance, tips, and recommendations they need to raise healthy humans as they navigate their own personal motherhood journey.

The team at MamaDoctors and I oversee, write and edit site content, bringing to our work scientific rigor rooted in the best health-related practices from both Western and Eastern medicine and approaches.

We’re also here to help you feel strong, healthy, and supported. Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and we’re here to remind you that you are not alone. The doctor is in for you, too!

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